The Physics Of A Magnet Essay

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The day before in class I’ll see what words students think of when they hear the term magnets. I’ll then explain that every magnet has a north and south pole. Finally I’ll demonstrate what happens when like poles are brought together and what happens when opposite poles are. I will continuously go around the room from group to group to make sure the students are on task and understand what their objectives are. The last ten minutes of class each student will answer 5 simple questions on an exit slip.
I’ll start class by demonstrating the activities so the students understand what to do and won’t jump any without understanding it. They’ll also be given instructions that will walk them through step by step. I have put the instructions below in paragraph form so the students can clearly follow it.

First students will do activity 1. They’ll use a nail and a battery to create a magnetic field. It’ll turn the nail into a magnet. Students should be sure to write down their observations throughout the experiment. Students will wrap the center portion of the wire around the nail 10 times so that it forms a coil. They should have extra wire at both ends. Then the students will attach one end of the wire to the (+) terminal of the battery. Then, attach the other end of the wire to the (-) terminal. Bring the end of it close to the paper clips, making sure that the wires stay attached to the battery. Write your observations in your science notebook. Repeat the steps again, but this…

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