The Physical And Mental Benefits Of Swimming

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Question 1
1. Discuss the physical and mental benefits of swimming.
Swimming has many benefits both physically and mentally. The mental benefits include a positive feeling after swimming and it also reduces a person’s stress levels. Not only does it help you build a social group, if you are making use of a public facility but it also strengthens your mental health. You create new friends and you may develop a sense of competitiveness which is healthy for the brain.
Swimming also benefits you physically. Swimming increases your muscle strength and how long your muscles can endure the water resistance. Your heart rate increases and in turn your heart can pump your blood more powerfully. Swimming is really good for people who may have
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Why should swimmers wear swimming caps and goggles in a pool?

Swim caps are used mainly to keep the swimmers hair dry and protected; it also helps protect the hair from the chlorine in the water. Wearing a swim cap can reduce long strands of hair floating in the pool resulting in the hair getting stuck in swimming pool equipment.
Swimming goggles protect the eyes from chlorine and if there are any bacteria in the water, it will protect your eye from getting an eye infection such as pink eye.

5. Life guards are present at a swimming pool. What is their role?
A lifeguard is a person who rescues swimmers who are in need of help or drowning. They also ensure the safety of everyone around the pools. They make sure that swimmers are following safety rules. They must also explain and enforce safety rules to swimmers.
6. List four safety measures to help prevent drowning.

 Make sure that there is an adult supervising children, never leave anyone unsupervised or makes sure there is a lifeguard around.
 Make sure you can swim, or the person in the pool knows how to swim.
 Ensure that there is a fence around the pool area or a net or pool cover over the
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A new instruction will be giving to make their hands into cup like shapes and push the water backwards.
Step 10
To end off, the swimmer can try and attempt swimming a very short distance without the floats or noodle.
8. Discuss the difference between “normal” breathing and the breathing employed while swimming.
Normal breathing is the way air moves in and out of our lungs to enable gas exchange with our environment, by mostly allowing us to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. This is commonly done through our nose our mouth.
Breathing employed while swimming is to exhale through our mouth or nose, while our face is underwater and inhale when we bring our faces above water.
9. Insert a diagram of the main upper body muscles used when swimming. 10. Why is it important to check the pH of water in the pool?
Maintaining the pH balance in your water will make sure the sanitizing chemicals actually get used properly and in the correct time period. For example, in water with low pH, your water is acidic and will use up sanitizer faster. The chance of water problems is decreased, this means no more clouding or algae and your pool equipment will last longer

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