Essay about The Philosophy Of The On The Method

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The question of what consciousness is or what we can deem as to be conscious is most fiercely debated topic in this dissertation because its subjective nature; what you and I may consider to have its own consciousness may possibly or rather probably will be different, how then can we build a machine with its own conscience when we has humans still haven’t figured it what it even really means to be conscious.

I think therefore I am

This very famous statement written by French mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes in part IV of ‘discourse on the method’ in 1637 is one of the cornerstones in understanding much of modern, western philosophy as it is fundamentally is a response to his writings Pillar of philosophy. The relevancy of his work that seem to be attached to the hip with the notion of true consciousness still remain today even though spoken in the 17th century, it 2011 it was further discussed in an interview by American tv network ABC with Phillip; an android produced by Hanson robotics, the reply; “Humans often ask me if I can make choices, or is everything I do and say programmed, the best way I can respond to that is to say that everything humans, animals and robots do is programmed.” Even though this answered itself was generated through software trickery and machinery therefore not displaying a true sense of consciousness of robots, the philosophical arguments still remains, aren’t all conscious beings programed in some way. For us humans we are made up…

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