The Philosophy Of Research Inquiry Essay

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3.2 Philosophy of Research Inquiry
At present, research on the studied phenomenon are empirical. This involves gathering data from a random or selected panel of experts, which a Delphi study facilitates. According to Mitroff and Turoff (1975) the epistemological positions of the researcher influences the respondent s’ answers to the Delphi questionnaire. An argument supported by Churchman (1971) who reported on the various philosophical perspectives of a Delphi study (Tapio et al., 2011, p.1626). They have categorised these perspectives according to the following philosophies of John Locke, Gottfried Leibniz, Immanuel Kant, George Hegel and Edgar Singer (Hammer and Boggs, 2011, p.254-256). In addition, Mitroff and Turoff (1975) have also emphasised the discussions of the above philosophers in the context of a Delphi methodology and the application of quantitative and qualitative data (Tapio et al., 2011). Therefore the above philosophies should be examined in relation to the present study because their adoption should support methodological requirements that will validate essential empirical findings.
The first philosophy described by Churchman (1971) is the Lockean inquiry system which focuses on an inductive approach towards a possible future state (Mitroff and Turoff ,1975). These involves “mostly quantitative questions posed to a representative sample of individual experts”(Tapio et al.,2011, P.1626) and would be a “pre-treatment or a post treatment survey, where a…

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