Essay about The Philosophy Of Religion : The Problem Of Evil

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In the philosophy of religion, “The problem of evil” is the question of how to reunite the existence of evil with that of a God who is a being with unlimited power, and has the knowledge of everything that there is to know. It is widely considered as the most destructive problem to the monotheists. Different views to the problem of evil, whether it is a rational or irrational belief, comes from the individuals logic, reason, cultural guidance or other human capabilities. If god is an all-good, all-knowing, all-powerful deity, then this world would be the best possible world. The idea that this is not the best possible world means that god is not everything he is believed to be. Both theories are understood to be presenting rational sides of the problem of evil. The problem of evil concerns how to give a rational explanation of the co-existence of God and evil. When thinking about this problem we have to consider the different types of evil in this world. The Intellectual problem of evil, the emotional problem of evil, natural evil and moral evil are all things to be taken into consideration. The intellectual problem of evil explains how to give a rational explanation of he existence of both god and evil. The emotional problem of evil explains how to comfort those who are suffering and how to get rid of the negative emotion towards a god who would permit such evil. Natural evil is when a disaster occurs byway of mother nature causing people to suffer in the world. Moral…

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