The Philosophy Of Jeremey Bentham And The Principle Of Utility

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In this essay I will discuss the philosophies of Jeremey Bentham and how they apply to a decision I made which effected myself and my family at a pivotal point in all of our lives. The main work which I will pulling information from is “The Principle of Utility.” Jeremey Bentham was a philosopher who lived in England and wrote during the time of the eighteenth century. His main focus was utilitarianism which lead to writing his most widely known and therefore, major work “The Principle of Utility.” Bentham’s works revolved around the principles of ethics and why we as people are so compelled to follow certain ethics over others. Ethics, according to definition, would be how an individual should act and live. Although, a problem arises between differing cultures and their varying ethic and morale codes. Each region contains different religions and laws which were made and enforced according to the ethics of that community. An example of this would be the Sharia laws of the Middle East. For Bentham, within his “Principle of Utility,” he wants to apply his own set of ethics which are supposed to function for everyone everywhere . Bentham believes these ethics would work despite the cultural differences because all humans have a reason for following certain ethics, these reasons typically fit into a simple formula ; happiness is equal to pleasure minus pain. What this formula means is all humans follow ethics in order to add pleasure to their lives, while decreasing the risk…

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