The Philosophy Of Education Is The Key Component For Education

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In this assignment I will discuss the philosophy of education, including my own philosophical stance of education. From this I will highlight two key debates of current education, critically reflecting on the concepts of philosophy adopted within my own work based setting and how these relate to the wider society’s aims and nature of education. According to Curren (2010) philosophy of education is the inquiry into the nature and aims of education which seeks to understand educational matters and provide guidance to shape practice and policy in education today. Philosophy of Education therefore is the key component for education practitioners to understand their own beliefs, knowledge, what and how to teach and the nature of learning (Cahn, 2009). Cohen (1999) highlights how everyone has a philosophy of education which is a set of principles by which they action events and issues within their own daily practice.
My own philosophy of education (Appendix 1) has developed over time from life experience, values, the environment where I live and having an awareness of philosophical approaches (Cohen, 1999). From academic research and experience, I have discovered my own philosophical stance is a pragmatist and humanist. I believe in learning through experience and understanding the world around us is ever changing concurring with Dewey’s philosophical stance, that education is a part of life which shapes society, therefore, believing we should teach children how to live in…

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