Essay about The Philosophy And Instructional Environment

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the philosophy and instructional environment created by highly regarded teachers, types of instructional approaches that students said helped them, and the perceived impact student-centered instructional practices have on student engagement and problem-solving skills. The sample for this study came from 22 teachers from six (6) New England states and New York. Through the study it was determined that 11 teachers tended to implement more student-centered approaches to mathematics instruction, while 11 practiced more traditional instruction. Results of the study showed that teachers responsible for mathematics classes below Algebra were three (3) times more likely to adopt the student-centered method than their colleagues. For those teaching algebra were approximately 30% likely to adopt the student-centered method while those teaching Geometry were slightly over 50%. The selection of a teaching method for Algebra II was 50% student-centered and 59% traditional. Above Algebra II every teacher opted for a traditional teaching style. This study had a stronger qualitative component as there were five (5) transcriptions of conversations between teachers and students. The qualitative addition made the advocacy for student-centered learning more convincing. Study 3 began with a narrative scenario set in an 11th grade health class. The story was a very effective means to engage the reader. Other scenarios that could benefit from student-centered learning from two (2) high…

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