The Personality Of The Neurotic Personality Essay

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Karen Horney was known for her study of the neurotic personality. The purpose of this paper will be to focus on what environmental factors can contribute to the development of personality. I plan on further explaining what Horney identified as the three ways of dealing with the world that are formed by an upbringing in a neurotic family; moving toward people, moving against people and moving away from people. Horney was convinced, as will be later discussed, by her own experiences and those of her subjects, that children grow up having their basic needs met, will develop healthy self-concepts and ways to interact with others.

Karen Horney was trained in Berlin and during her studies; she met Oskar Horney whom she married exclaiming, “in the midst of my studies, I married” (O’Connell, 1980). Karen and Oskar welcomed their first child two years after marrying. Meanwhile, Karen was taking her state medical exam and returning home every few hours to nurse her newborn. Karen gave birth to her second child in 1913 and her third in 1915 whilst being awarded her medical degree (O’Connell, 1980). The strain and constant fatigue to balance out her medical profession, being a mother and wife, took a toll on Karen. Oskar was not supportive of her career and would prefer she be exclusive to the family.
Eventually in her relocation to the United States, Karen became the Associate Director of the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis. She then settled in New…

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