Essay on The Person Who Does The Act That Affects People

1389 Words Nov 26th, 2016 6 Pages
When terrible news is shown across the media, the person who does the act that affects so many people apparently represents the whole group of people. I was a seventh grader and I got off the bus with another kid at my stop and started walking home. He was behind me and yelled, “Hey! What are you?” I replied saying, “I’m a Muslim.” He straight out asked if I am a terrorist. I felt that I was immediately categorized as the bad person. The kid did not know how I was really like and he did not take the time to ask me about anything and just assumed I was danger. I had no idea how to respond, but ended up saying a firm no and continued my way. I thought that he is still young and has not matured yet, but I was hurt that I am being known as an enemy, when I myself do not wish any harm on anyone. I was speechless too and a mix of emotions because I was only thirteen and being classified as the bad person. I wish I could have civilly told him that one person’s actions does not represent a group of people and that everyone is not the same regardless of religion and color. Also, any person who does something awful in the name of a religion is not a true follower. If I experience being called a terrorist again, I would say what I wished I had said when that boy asked me. I do not want to educate people based on my thoughts but on facts. As mentioned many times, everyone looks different, but there is always that if one does not have the typical hair color or features, they are not…

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