The Persian Gulf War And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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The Persian Gulf War began on August 2nd, 1990 when Iraq invaded Kuwait. Iraq ended up against a coalition of about 30 Nations, led by the United States and mandated by the United Nations to liberate Kuwait. The invasion was met with immediate economic sanctions by the United Nations against Iraq. The war progressed, and eventually Iraq was defeated. My uncle, Mark Sunderland, served in the Persian Gulf War. He served for 21 years in the Air Force and retired as a Master Sergeant. Also, Shelly Starkey, who also served in the war, is a close friend to me. Based off of their experiences and knowledge, as well as other sources, I have concluded that the Persian Gulf War was unnecessary. It caused excess environmental, economic, and social problems.
The Persian Gulf War had a very negative effect on the environment. Two of the major devastations include damage resulting from a massive bombing campaign mounted by UN coalition forces, and damage arising from the massive destruction of facilities by Iraqi forces. On a smaller scale, the war had an effect on the hydrosphere, which is a marine environment. Due to Iraq 's attacks on the oil in Kuwait, huge amounts of oil were released into the Gulf. The amount of oil into the Gulf disrupted too many marine habitats and killed a large number of migratory marine life. The atmosphere, the above-ground environment, was affected by oil-well fires set by Iraqi troops. The fires caused the air to be filled with smoke for several months.…

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