The Perpetual Prisoner Machine Essays

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It is very astonishing how the U.S. now incarcerates nearly two million people in its prisons and jails on any given day and over five million of its citizens are currently under some form of justice department supervision. These facts make me ask myself, “If the crime rates are decreasing, then why is the prison population increasing?” However, The Perpetual Prisoner Machine provides the answer to this question and, shockingly, it has little to do with crime or justice. The answer is “profit.”The Perpetual Prisoner Machine is not simply the prison system and the institutionalized practices which it gives rise to and necessitates, but is also the profit-driven news media, voting and polling practices, and our individual fear of violent crime itself.
In addition, the profit from The Perpetual Prisoner Machine, Dyer describes this process a mechanism designed to take the funds from social programs that are suppose to eliminate the levels of crime and poverty. However, these funds are being deposited into the bank accounts of those who own stock in the prison-industrial complex. I would describe the system as the media coming first, then onto the public, then politicians, after to privatization, and last to the fuel; which keeps this cycle going on. By media Dyer means TV shows, movies, News, Magazines, etc. involving crime issues, which us as Americans are the public of and fear. In which politicians invest and fund to make the illusion they are addressing these crime issues…

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