Essay about The Perimeter Of My School Shootings

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Security cameras punctuate the perimeter of my school, a black fence separates the outside world from my secured campus, and police officers are staples of my everyday experience, and yet, they put me at ease. With the increased publicity and frequency of school shootings, such devices allow hundreds of schools like mine to promote their students’ senses of safety and their faculty’s sense of control about what goes on within the school. While many schools have adopted methods similar to those of mine, others are advocating for a new type of deterrence from violence, focused on addressing the social aspects of violence preventions. Such administrations emphasize psychological profiling and monitoring of students as supreme methods to ensure students’ security. However, technological deterrence ultimately takes precedence over social deterrence in keeping schools safe, and social deterrence can potentially deteriorate students’ psychological outlooks. Technological resources allow for an exhaustive dedication to maintaining security, which protects students far more efficiently than psychological models do. For this reason, Thomas R. Murray reports that schools such as Supai Middle School, Tualitin Elementary School, and Clackamas High School have undergone reconstruction to become the safest versions of themselves possible. Among the most effective elements introduced to the school campuses were pointed roofs to minimize the locations from which potential shooters could…

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