The Performance Of Jackson County Judges Essay

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Reporter, Jackie Chan of the Star Tribune conducted a study to analyze the performance of Jackson County Judges. The purpose of the study was to reveal what judges continued to commit errors in their judgments. From a sample total of 182,908 cases over a three year period, we will discover trends in variables that will allow us to create assumptions on where improvement are necessary and where judges are demonstrating accuracy in the judgements. We will use probability and conditional probability to make our case. In addition, we will use visual aids such as tables and graphs.
First, we will discuss the result of the probability of appeal in Common Court cases. Our calculations state that for 43,945 cases disposed, 1,762 were appealed. These results in a probability of .04010 that a case handled in the Common Court will be appealed. In addition, we found that for the total of cases appealed, the probability that a case would then be reversed in Common Court was .11294. This figure was discovered using conditional probability. It is necessary for the condition of an appeal of a case to be present to then proceed to a reversal.
Next we look at the Domestic Relations Court and the probability of appeals. In 30499 cases, 106 were appealed. This gives us a probability of .00348 that a case would be appealed in Domestic Relations Court. Out of the appealed cases, we calculate 17 cases will be reversed which gives us a probability of .16038 that an appealed case will be reversed.…

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