The Perception Of The Sheep By Dave Grossman 's On Sheep, Wolves, And Sheepdogs

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My older sister, Jen, has always had a mild personality. Her shyness is not what makes her a sheep, though, as it is rather her perception of the world and everybody in that makes her fit into the sheep category. There are three types of people according to Dave Grossman’s On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs, and while I do not agree with Grossman that the world can be divided into three separate groups, the general basis of his idea is just. According to Grossman, you are a wolf that preys on the weak, a sheep that is weak, or a sheepdog that protects the sheep from the wolves. It is not to say that 100% of the time Jen is a sheep and doesn’t have the ability to be anything other than that, but for the most part, Jen is defined most accurately as a sheep. One way to tell if a person may be a sheep is to see how well they deal with confrontation. Regardless of the size of the issue, more often than not, they will do whatever it takes to avoid situations if there is any possibility of confrontation. Another tendency that sheep have is always to find the good in people, no matter the circumstances. Searching for the good in people often results in giving wolves who do not deserve it an abundance of second chances. Along with thinking that everyone can be good, sheep also excuse others’ poor behavior. Dismissing bad behavior includes them looking the other way when the wolves of the world mistreat them, and also when they mistreat others around them.

It may be that sheep tend to…

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