The Perception Of An Ideal Body Shape Essay

1006 Words Nov 13th, 2016 5 Pages
Throughout history, the perception of an ideal body shape has continued to change with each generation. From a thick appearance to having minimal body fat, body appearances have always been an immediate factor into the outlook of society. In today’s era, maintaining a pleasing physical appearance is a priority for most. The early morning moments in the gym working towards the desired body have become a custom for the general population. Exercising has countless benefits and keeps the body in adequate shape; allowing people to endure life while being healthy. Although, many fail to realize when they are harming their body by over exercising. As the causes of excessive exercising is continuously studied, it has left a large impact on the nation and continues to do so.
With an increased body-conscious society, many women, and even men, obsess over looking their absolute best. The demanding perceptions of how someone should look in our society is the quintessential reasoning for over exercising. With the intent to lose weight in order to be the outlook of the nation 's alluring appearance, exercising often becomes a compulsive act. Similar to adolescents being compulsively persuaded to do illegal activity, excessive exercising is intended to please the individual 's peers. Almost all individuals want to be admired and looked upon as beautiful, and in order to do so, they must maintain a healthy body. This does not come as a natural component for most, exercising furthers…

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