The People Of Magna Est Terra Unite Essay

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The citizens of Magna est Terra unite these four separate lands to ensure success for further generations. Everyone in this nation is equal under law. We shall never leave any man or women behind, and we will remain united through any and all tribulations.

Article I- This article of the constitution sets up our Five Sectors.
1.1) Agriculture: Agriculture spreads across most of the land in the idea that you can get food from anywhere, but the Agricultural sector houses and produces all edible resources; it does not only produce food, but any cosmetic and medical ingredients that are found in nature. Our country’s largest export is agricultural products, so even though all sectors are equally important, the Agricultural sector is the largest.

1.2) Medicine: This sector is in charge of anything having to do with Medicine. This sector is dedicated to research in Medical technology, and research into human anatomy. Medicine is just a general name for what this sector does and produces, any research lab for human sciences and human anatomy can be found in this sector. Of course each sector has hospitals and what not, but this sector has the largest research hospital in our country. 1.3) Technology: Similar to the Medicine sector, this sector is dedicated to researching and producing things that have to do with modern technology. This sector also houses our country’s intel unit. Technology is a broad name, and each sector has there own specialized type of technology…

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