The Pediatric Surgery Essay

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Response to Question 1 from Utilitarian Perspective

As the head of the pediatric surgery, I would recommend that the Emma and Sophia be surgically separated. According to the Utilitarian approach, which holds that, an act is right if it brings the maximum amount of happiness and minimizes suffering (Edges & Groves, 2006, p. 35). In order words, we should act in a way that would maximize the overall happiness. Happiness comes from the feeling of immense pleasure and absence of pain. Therefore I would have to separate Emma and Sophia in the expense of one of them life if that is a risk. Simply because failing to do so, would result in pain instead of happiness, as the life of Emma and Sophia would be in danger and they could both die. Under the rule of double effect, which explains it as “an action that causes a serious harm, such as the death of human being, as a side effect of promoting good end” (McIntyre, 2014). Therefore, one can intend one thing and on the other hand permit another thing to occur without intending that it do. In the case of Emma and Sophia, it is the death of the weaker twins that would mean the survival of the other. Death in this case is an unforeseen side effect because in separating Emma and Sophia, as a surgeon, I am not preceding the surgery with the intention of killing either of the twins. Therefore in this case, it is important that the overall picture is examined so that the rule of double effect is seen, just as proposed by Mill, that the…

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