Essay The Pearl By John Steinbeck

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Have you ever tried to do something really nice for someone and it ended up doing more bad than good. That is what Kino does in John Steinbeck 's book The Pearl. The Pearl is about a mexican family living on the Californian peninsula in a rural area with a city close by. One day Kino and Juana’s baby boy Coyotito gets stung by a scorpion and needs medical attention but the city doctor refuses to help them because they have no money. This is where we get into the analysis. In the Pearl Steinbeck uses Kino’s Determination to better his family 's life to show how good intentions can cloud your judgment. Kinos judgment gets clouded when he searches for a pearl to pay the doctor, when he refuses to sell for 1500 pesos so his son can get an education, and kills a man and runs away ,so he can sell the pearl for more and better his family 's life.
Kino desperately wants to heal his son as to be expected from any farther but he starts letting his judgment get clouded. Kino goes to the doctor in the town with basically his whole life 's saving of little deformed pearls and he is willing to give that all up for a mean doctor to attempt to heal his kid. but the doctor refused the payment. The only way Kino can heal his son is to find payment for the doctor. So he goes out in his canoe and goes to look for a pearl. He goes to the one place that he thinks there could be a pearl. Just guessing wasting his time putting his son in more jeopardy than treating with medicinal herbs back in…

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