The Pay Gap Between Men And Women Essay

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As time has evolved along with the people living on this Earth, the mind has changed and adapted to new standards and social norms. Culture has warped what is seen as socially acceptable, and through religion, economy, and politics our nation has learned to change and adapt. Still, there are nations all over the world not providing for their citizens and especially the women of this world. Because these women are not being treated equally, more needs to be done for the protection of women’s rights. In history women did not work the same jobs as men, even during past time periods women were more commonly found staying home rather than working the jobs men occupied. However, as of 2010 “in the workforce 40 percent worked in management, professional, or related occupations.” However, there is still progress to be made with “Only 4% of S&P 500 CEOs are women,” (“Women’s”). A topic often brought up by many politicians today is the pay gap between men and women in the workforce. When looking at women holding the same occupations as men, “the gender gap for men and women overall shrinks to 97 cents on the dollar.” It is when responsibility increases for women and they begin to take on roles of managers/supervisors, directors, and executives that the gap widens (Frank). The Business Insider shows through an article which illustrates three experiments that women bosses are treated differently than male bosses. When experimenting with splitting bonuses, “Sure enough, men kept a…

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