The Patchwork Quilt : Project Essay

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The Patchwork Quilt
In ‘The Patchwork Quilt’ project, we used a variety of stimuli to create the final performance, in which we presented to friends at school. These stimuli included: a sketch of an old lady, photographs of situations including loss, happiness and war, a piece of music, a poem and an extract from the story ‘NightJohn’. In my opinion, it is good to have a range of different stimuli as starting points due to the fact that it can expand other ideas about the project that students may have, and they also help to provide the basic structure for a piece of successful drama. The two stimuli in which I found most interesting was the piece of music and the material. To me, these were the most interesting pieces of stimuli because they allowed me to open my mind up to the more in-depth parts of the topic, by allowing me to use beats of the music for specific actions, or allowed us to use the material as, in some parts of the performance, a blanket for the old lady, however in other parts, as the way that all the slaves were chained together when being led around. With the music, the class split into four different groups, and devised a short mime piece, linked to both the music and the topic of slavery. In my group, of six people, we were the first group in the sequence of four in the timeline of a slave’s journey. We used physical theatre to create the hut that the 2 African slaves spent their time in. On the first beat of the music, we put out our arms to make the…

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