The Pastoral Roles Of Tony Essay

1051 Words Apr 19th, 2016 null Page
While interviewing all of the different people and roles in the church, I notice that a lot of the answers were very consistent in their evaluation of the church and of Tony. I noticed that a lot of people felt the same way about Tony, and from the overall info that I received on him from everyone is that he is an awesome guy. First we can look and see what the people had to say about the pastoral roles that are crucial within a church. To do this we can take a look at the different words the congregants used to describe their pastor. From looking at these we can decipher what people felt the pastoral role should be. Now a lot of people used words such as compassionate, caring, kind, honest, genuine, real, personable, and many more that seem to focus on Tony’s personality towards other people. So when looking at these words used to describe him, we can take away that one pastoral role could be a friend. A friend is someone who is always honest with you, is always real and genuine with you, and is someone who can care and be there for you. I think from the characteristic named Tony is more than just a guy that preaches every Sunday, to the people in this congregation, he is a friend. Another think I noticed from the words listed, is that a lot of people named things such as shepherd, leader, warrior, teacher, and wise, to emphasize Tony’s leadership role. A pastor must be relatable, loving, and close so that he can fulfill that friendship role. I also think that it is…

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