The Passing Of The First Born Essay

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The selection I chose begins with The Passing of the First Born. In this section, Du Bois recounts a very personal tale where he experiences his first born son’s birth and subsequent death within a very short period of time. The birth of his son instantly transforms Du Bois from simply a person to a father. Du Bois mirrors his wife’s adoration of the child. The child is born with golden hair, rather than Du Bois’ own black hair, which Du Bois views as a symbol of the veil. The child eventually grow sick, and despite his mother’s intensive care, the child dies. Through the death of his son, Du Bois expresses the fact that life is already difficult, and by adding death into that equation is just adding to that. The one bright side to the child dying so prematurely was that he never had to experience the injustices put upon African Americans. The child never had to live behind the veil; through death, the child was able to live a life free and above the veil.
The next chapter, Of Alexander Crummel, details the life of Alexander Crummel. Du Bois recognizes the struggles that Crummel has had to face since an early age. Alexander Crummel experiences hate, despair, and eventually despair throughout the course of his life. Crummel attempted to attend an abolitionist school, however the hate he had experienced from the local whites led to negative experiences for Crummel. Crummel’s life changed when a man decided to educate him, and Alexander Crummel attended a white school.…

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