The Passage Aria By Richard Rodriguez Essay

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What does bilingual mean? It means having the ability to speak two languages. In the passage Aria, by Richard Rodriguez, it focuses on the author’s life in which he came from Mexico, whose family decided to adopt English as their main language. This story has impacted me because my situation when I arrived in America is somewhat similar to that of Rodriguez life. Learning English isn’t easy especially when a person is new to the country. I think it’s better if bilingual education wasn’t taught in English. It could cause miscommunication the individual when learning Basic English. It could also damage their traditional home setting. Finally, everybody has the freedom to speak whatever language they desire. Rodriguez’s family came from Mexico and these nuns told his parents that they weren’t allowed to speak Spanish at home, but English. For first time learners, reading and writing is very important. When I was learning English, it was really difficult. It wasn’t a piece of cake for me. My elementary school teacher will ask a classmate of mines, who speaks the same language as me, to explain things to me. It wasn’t the best idea because the way the kid explain it was different from what the teacher actually wanted. I got into trouble sometimes for the way the boy was translating things to me. I didn’t know how to tell my teacher, “Hey, I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me”? In the novel, Rodriguez father used the term “gringo” a lot. The word in English and…

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