The Partition Of Africa Essay

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Africa, as it is seen today was carved up and borders were created by a handful of European countries in order to establish colonies. The partition of Africa, also known as the scramble for Africa, was the colonization of African nations by European powers. Beginning in 1873, Europe fell into an economic depression lasting until 1879; the effects of the lasting depression influenced the leaders of Britain, France, Portugal, Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain to turn to Africa for cheap materials, fertile land and the opportunity for trade surplus. The Berlin Conference, also referred to, as the Congo Conference or West Africa Conference was an accord between the leaders of the major powers in Europe, creating a set of rules for the colonization of the remainder of the continent. Colonial powers in Europe systematically divided up the continent of Africa for political, territorial and economic gain: through the exploitation of raw materials and maintenance of status amongst empires.
The rivalry for land in the continent of Africa would not have happened without Belgium and King Leopold II. In 1879, Leopold created the Association Internationale du Congo, also know and the International Association of the Congo in English, which was created for the exploration of Congo. Using the Association Internationale du Congo, King Leopold II funded explorer Henry Morton Stanley to go along the Congo river and sign treaties with tribe leaders, giving the association…

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