Essay about The Painting Of Vincent Van Gogh

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Vincent van Gogh painted over eight hundred paintings in less than ten years. He lived from 1853-1890 only spending the last ten years of his life painting. Gogh’s most commonly used style was impasto, thickly used oil paints on stretched canvases allowing the movement, and texture to be visually seen. Each one of his pieces of work had a unique meaning behind it. People believe after his father 's death Gogh’s art talents were unbound due to his technique, and talents changing miraculously. He painted people he knew, things he had seen, and pieces of art that would reflect personal feelings, and emotions. It is important while admiring Gogh’s art to understand when and where he created it, the style he used, and why he choose to paint it. When viewers observe Gogh’s work after learning information behind it, the viewers take more time to look at the artwork. When viewers take more time to look at his artwork they start to notice even the small details in his paintings. After learning background information on three of Vincent van Gogh’s masterpieces the Potato Eaters, the Yellow Chair, and Starry Night viewers can appreciate the artwork much more.
The Potato Eaters, one of his first masterpieces created not long after the death of his father. This painting was done through a period of a couple months April-may, 1885. Many people today would recognize this picture not by its name but by its context. This picture holds five peasants gathered around a table in a dark room…

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