Essay on The Pain : Pain And Pain

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The pain. The pain was unbearable. My mind blanked out in that single moment. I did not notice my eyes watering up, spilling the few droplets of tears streaming through my pain stricken face. My face which had already contorted to an ugly visage: my eyebrows scrunched, my eyes closed, and my teeth clenched. The pain which originated from having my arm twisted at my back, I only remembered three sounds coming out of my mouth: a whimper, a sob and a cry of pain. Three things resonated on my mind over and over again. Why me? Why is he doing this to me? And the biggest thing, it hurt so much.
In the hallway there 's’ always a wallflower--a kid who sits and reads, quietly biding his time. That was me in Middle School. The quiet guy who sits in the corner without that much friends, that was me. During a discussion with friends, I preferred to listenI did not speak but listened instead. Submissive and shy described my attitude, not asking help from others. I also did much to ask help from anyone. I did not like However, I would face
He was a very good friend of mine, some might call him a best friend.. Maybe even greater. We played video games together, played games like tag and many more, we shared lunch during school days and I even visited his home a couple of times. Did I tell you about the friendship his mom and my mom have? In the relationship, I would quietly listen to him chatter about himself, detailing his conquests and successes; and the awesome things that he had…

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