Essay The Ottoman Empire

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Throughout history there have been several great empires. However, the Ottoman Empire, the Mughal Empire, and the Safavid Empire were the last of these great Islamic Empires. Their accomplishments, culture, and various leaders have all helped pave the path for modern society. The Ottoman Empire was one of the most monumental and well established Empires of all time . The Ottoman Empire replaced the Byzantine Empire as a major power in the Eastern Mediterranean. The empire was located in southeastern Europe and Asia Minor, which in the modern era is called the Balkans, Greece, and Turkey. After the death of his father, the previous ruler of the Ottoman Empire, Mehmed II began developing strategies to conquer the very much desired Constantinople. Following the seizure of Constantinople, the Ottomans remodeled the city, which is now known as Istanbul. The city was turned into the pinnacle of the culture in the Western Islamic world.
There are several reasons the empire was so successful. They had a very strong military, they became united under Islamic traditions and ideologies, and they also maintained relationships and alliances with other various groups. Mehmed II helped promote trade of different goods such as, fine glazed ceramics. He also favored Persian literature, and had an affinity towards western painting which encouraged Italian artists to relocated to Istanbul . The empire reached its peak under Suleiman the Magnificent, who ruled from 1520-1566. Suleiman…

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