The Other Side Of The Family Essay

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The other side of the family are combined of McRae’s whose marriage also began in Robeson county. The first generation of this family is very similar to the first generation of the Bethea family. The mother was the nurture while the father was the provider. The mother worked any factory jobs to help provide for her family while the father worked in the community and gambled to financially provide. While the father was working in the community, he became promiscuous with multiple women. The promiscuity and infidelity caused a hostile relationship between the mother and father relating to abuse. The multiple forms of abuse between the relationships caused the marriage to end in a divorce. The marriage ended with a physical dispute after the mother and father got into a conflict about his infidelity. The physical dispute caused the father to be placed into prison and the mother to be placed in a drug rehabilitation center in another city. The foundation of the family slowly began to fall apart. The father was placed into prison for a few years due to his domestic dispute with the mother which reflected negatively on his relationship with the children. The negativity of the relationship began to destroy the bond of the family causes the children to have a one sided view on the domestic dispute. The bond did not begin to change until the father was released from prison and made an initiative to communicate with the children. The relationship is still not currently restored to…

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