The Other Day By Dan Buettner Essay

1047 Words Apr 15th, 2016 5 Pages
The other day, I saw a news article about a ninety year old lady who was still dancing despite her age. She hardly looked or acted her age and was clearly on her way to fulfilling National Geographic journalist Dan Buettner’s task of living to be over one hundred which he investigates in his speech “How to Live to be 100+”. In his speech, Buettner delves into what exactly extends life by looking into so called Blue Zones or “ areas where people are living to age one hundred at rates up to ten times greater than we are, areas where the life expectancy is an extra dozen years, the rate of middle age mortality is a fraction of what it is in this country”(Buettner 3). Buettner claims that living to be one hundred is not accomplished through things like exercise, pills, or treatments but through diet, natural exercise, downshifting, purpose, connecting, and belonging to the right tribe. Buettner went looking for these Blue Zones in order to crack the code of longevity. In my home town and peer group of Stafford, Virginia creating a blue zone of our own is not far off. The citizens are over all healthy and fit already seeing as most are not over sixty-five. I have looked into government census information for Stafford as well as the official website for the county in order to further support my claim. If my county continues on living with purpose, striving to achieve more natural exercise, and continues with a relatively healthy diet then we can establish a blue zone.

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