The Origins Of The Modern World Essay

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Since the professionalization of world history the lens that historians would look through was supremely Eurocentric. The other parts of the world had their accomplishments and contributed to the world as a whole, but Europe was usually the protagonist in the stories told. More recently world historians have been viewing the world through what Ross Dunn describes as the “Different Cultures Model,” which looks at the past from the opposite perspective. The modern historians Lynda Shaffer, Xinru Liu, Deborah Smith Johnston, and Robert Marks do not view the Post-Classical Era as a Eurocentric. While all the aforementioned modern historians take on different topics in their writings, they all view the Post-Classical Era through the New World History lens. The historiography that these historians argue about Post-Classical Era is that China, India, and the Middle East had far more extensive contributions to the world than Europe. Marks makes his argument clearly known in his book, The Origins of the Modern World: A Global and Environmental Narrative from the Fifteenth to the Twenty-First Century, by writing, “we can find that by broadening the story line to include parts of the world that have thus far been excluded or overlooked-we can begin and end the story elsewhere.” In other words, Marks states that one can obtain a full world history view without ever having the story centered on Europe. Additionally, Shaffer in her article, “Southernization,” argues that the…

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