The Origins Of Christianity And Judaism Essay

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Besides Christianity and Judaism, mysterious religions became the prominent and influential in the early centuries after the death of Jesus Christ. The reason why these cults were called “Mystery Religions”, was because of the secret ceremonies only the initiated were to known to. The major benefit members believed was some kind of salvation. One of these secret religions was Mithraism. From the 1st century to the the 4th century, Mithraism fluctuated during Roman rule in London. One of the most famous Roman citizens was Julius Caesar; Roman politician and general, who took control of Gaul, a province in France. Prior to the arrival of the Roman legions, Britain was a vast country side filled with rolling hills and streams. While Julius Caesar ruled Gaul, he decided to invade Britain in 55 A.D. The Celts fought and defeated Julius’ army and returned back to Gaul. A year later, in 54 A.D, Julius came back stronger and more strategic. Caesar was no match for the Celts and lost once again. One hundred years later, Emperor Claudius sent an army back to Britain. The army had 4 legions and was successful in its invasion of Britain. The Romans conquered the southern half of Britain and made it apart of the Roman Empire. After the conquest of Britain by the Roman empire in 45 A.D, the natives of Britain became known as Britons. The Romans brought along their theories of living, religion, food and mentality along with them to Britain. The Romans had incorporated an entirely…

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