The Origins And Development Of Nursing Philosophy Essay

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Philosophic Foundation The origins and development of nursing philosophy began with the groundbreaking ideas and thinking of Florence Nightingale that provided the conceptualization of nursing, which has positively influenced the promotion of scholarly inquiry among numerous nursing theorists and others in the profession. The concept of nursing as a science did not emerge until the middle of the 20th century, when concerns over the scope and goals of nursing knowledge arose (Bluhm, 2014). In response, nursing theories began to emerge that were developed inductively (Grove, Burns & Gray, 2013). Philosophy, nursing science, and theory are interrelated concepts that have made valuable contributions to establishing the nursing profession, and guiding our practice as nurses. As a aspiring Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), I will draw on empirically supported evidence-based research, inductively developed nursing theories, and all patterns of knowing to guide the care I provide for individuals, families, and communities.
The concept of health includes the presence and absence of illness and disease, and encompasses physical, psychosocial and spiritual dimensions of a person. Health and wellness is significantly influenced by the interactions and relationships within the family unit. As an APRN, the needs of those in my care surpass what is seen on the exterior that can result from illness and disease, but involve looking into the heart and soul to meet all the needs of…

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