Essay about The Origin Of The Varicella Zoster Virus

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Do you remember the time when you had chicken pox? How did you feel? Furthermore, did you run bout the house, confused about what you had? Where these are relevant questions, I am sure you have questions about the origin of the varicella zoster virus also known as "chicken pox." After this presentation, you should be capable of, identifying the symptoms of chicken pox. In addition, you should be competent to describe the condition and prescribe the appropriate medical attention to an infected individual. Myths and misconceptions will be identified and discussed as well.
The reason I chose chicken pox as my disease, is because it can be a fun topic to present. Furthermore, there are things that I was not aware of, about chicken pox. While I inform the student body about what chicken pox is, I will also be learning myself. This virus is not just a breakout or a rash, but it is a danger that can lay dormant in the body for years. Eventually, that turns into the herpes zoster or "shingles."
So what is the chicken pox anyway? Is it just some massive outbreak from poison ivy? Or maybe you had an allergic reaction, to some bad shell fish? No! Chicken pox according to Gould D (2014) Varicella zoster virus: chickenpox and shingles, ‚ÄúVaricella is an acute, highly infectious disease that usually occurs in children below ten years " (PHE 2013). In adults, the zoster virus becomes shingles. This is a painful rash on the epidermis. The virus deoxyribonucleic acid (code) is engulfed in a…

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