The Organizational Structure Of Apple Essay

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The organizational structure of Apple is one of the contributing factors that lead to company’s successful innovation (Meyer, 2015). According to Meyer (2015), “the success of the company is linked to innovation and the leadership of Steve Jobs, but its organizational structure is partly responsible for ensuring support for such leadership.” There are many characteristics of Apple’s organizational structure, such as Spoke-and-Wheel Hierarchy (Meyer, 2015). According to Meyer (2015), “a bird’s-eye view of Apple’s organizational structure shows considerable hierarchy. In the past, everything went through Steve Jobs’ office. Jobs made all the major decisions.” The second characteristic of Apple’s organizational structure is function-based grouping (Meyer, 2015). According to Meyer (2015), “each senior vice president who reports to Tim Cook handles a business function. For example, Apple has an SVP for industrial design, an SVP for marketing, and another SVP for retail. In this aspect of the organizational structure, Apple’s top leaders address business needs in terms of function areas.” The third characteristic of Apple’s organizational structure is product based grouping (Meyer, 2015). According to Meyer (2015), “below the senior vice presidents, there are many vice presidents for different outputs or products. For example, Apple has a VP for iOS apps, a VP for iPad, and another VP for consumer apps. This aspect of the organizational structure enables Apple to address…

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