Essay The Oral Examination Of Oral Examinations

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Oral tests have are criticized by both instructors and students alike (Aiken & Groth-Marnat, 2006). Students who dislike oral examinations assert that they are an unfair measurement of scholastic knowledge. Furthermore, pupils cite that there grade may be dependent on plethora of variables such as the teacher’s impression or their mood. Instructors dislike oral examinations because it may be a long process and the grading criteria may be inefficient. Although there are a multitude of disadvantages of oral examinations, there are advantages as well. An oral test allows for an interaction between the student and teachers where other qualities may be taken into consideration such as presentation style and linguistics. Some students may have difficulties effectively communicating through writing, therefore oral examinations gives the students a chance to excel. It also forces the students to perform at a higher academic level than with written examinations due to the communicative nature. Additionally, it is also difficult to cheat on an oral examination vice a written examination. In regards to written examinations specifically, these examinations allow the student to study certain facts about the examination. However, with an oral examination, the student would retain the course information longer due to performance pressures versus a written examination, which is typically memorized for the moment and then forgotten. Written examinations also gauge a students…

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