The Opposing Language Factor Of Sandra And Her Father Essay

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The opposing language factor of Sandra and her father was constantly present in their relationship. Although Sandra is fluent in Spanish, she would mainly speak and write in English, whereas her father is only capable of speaking Spanish. Most of the time, Sandra wishes her father did speak English so that he could possibly take some interest in her writing while also being able to understand the language that it is written in. Once Sandra begins to realize her love for writing she states, "I wanted my father to understand what I was scribbling" (Cisneros, pg 49). Ever since she began writing Sandra always longed for her father to support and approve of this hobby like she did. She felt that if her father could fully understand what she was scribbling then maybe they could both share an appreciation for Sandra 's writing. This opportunity could have also allowed her father to take the time to learn about the type of person Sandra is and the things that are important to her. The meaning of this quote connects back to Sandra 's feelings of separation from the relationship to her father, in relation to how they both concentrate on speaking different languages. When she hears her father only speaking in Spanish, this may make Sandra feel as if they cannot communicate on an equal level because Sandra speaks with the knowledge of the English language. This lack of communication can have tremendous effects on how their relationship will be played out in the years to come, for…

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