The Opioid Abuse Epidemic Of The Usa Essay

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The opioid abuse epidemic become one of the most important problem in the USA. The follow discussion will analyze this problem according to a US House of Representatives hearing addressing the opioid abuse epidemic. This discussion will rely on Stone’s policy theory, which is define goal first, and then construct problem, finally promote solutions. Therefore, there are five sections to understand the problem. The first section will define the main concept from Stone to better understand the following analysis; The second section will address how the discussion of goals associated with opioid abuse are shaped by the policy goals of efficiency and security. The third section will explain how the problems of numbers and causes shape the discussion of addressing opioid abuse. The fourth section will illustrate how the solution of rules and powers. In the final section, the previous examples will explain why policymaking process is better than marketplace model in Stone’s polis model with the opioid abuse.
Efficiency means getting the most output for a given input. It can help us attain more of the things we value. For example, one efficiency way to analysis market is to discover the market rule. In the polis, efficiency is one of the most common goal that people care about. (Stone, 63) Security
There are three meaning of security. In the political ideal, politicians prevent bad things from happening by making good policy. In the…

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