The On The World Trade Center Essays

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On September 11, 2001 the world watched in horror as two planes flew into the World Trade Center killing thousands of people. It’s a day we all remember, sitting watching the events unfold. I remember where I was and watching the events on TV, not fully understanding what was happening. Fifteen years later this is an event we are studying about in history books. Yet, the details that have unfolded in the last fifteen years shine a different light on the devastating attacks of 9-11.

After choosing to write my paper on the events of September 11th I wanted to find a website that offered a deeper look into the attacks. Within my research I found many sites with facts pertaining to 9-11 but decided on the cigpapers website because of the lavish details included in the article. It really opened up my eyes to the events of that day I never knew before.

Within the text we briefly read about September 11th and the basic details of the attacks. We all know that “nineteen Islamic terrorists from Al Qaeda hijacked four commercial jets and flew two of them into New York City’s World Trade Center, destroying its twin towers and killing more than 2,900 people.”(Henretta pg. 932) Yet after researching this subject and coming across this article I uncovered so many more details, regarding this time period, than we would ever read in a text book.

The first interesting fact was that following the attacks all the rubble from the collapsed buildings was moved to a dump and was…

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