The On The Pursuit Of Happiness Essay

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The stressful pace of today 's lifestyle makes the pursuit of happiness feel so distant. Even for the past generations the path to a happy life has been a difficult one. Being a happier person does take a lot of effort but nothing is impossible. When a person is happy his or her life will be much smoother and in most cases healthier and/or longer. According to Sarah Hansen, a writer for, studies have shown that happy people are 35% less likely to die early compared to people that are unhappy. There are several things that cause unhappiness in a person’s life. The stimulus that causes unhappiness can be fixed by doing the things that make a person happy. Being happy has shown to provide a person with a happier life. How can a person be happier? At the end of a person 's pursuit of happiness is a longer healthier life.
There are many things in life that cause unhappiness, and understanding how to recognize these instances is important. Some of these items that affect happiness are worry, self and peer criticism, and money issues. Certain things worry people more than they should. These things are not able to be controlled. Thinking of the things one cannot change is unworthy of one’s thoughts, because it does nothing but make one feel miserable. Other situations are somewhat controllable and cause an overbearing feeling. This feeling is stress. Although stress seems to be a normal part of life; it is unnecessary just like worry. When someone is stressed the task…

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