The On The Horse Drill Team Essay

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Anxiety and exhilaration entered our bodies, as we tried to control these magnificent creatures. The horse drill team encouraged us as we crept down the hazy, dirt road. Experiencing the struggles of directing a horse first hand, allowed us to truly appreciate the level of commitment these riders had for their leisurely passion, but as the sun set and the dust settled on that peaceful ranch, one thing became clear; the team loved their horses and they cared for each other dearly. The cold, crisp air grazed across our backs as we arrived to our broker’s house on September 25. The seemingly endless landscape of farmland felt foreign to our upbringing in the suburbs. We greeted our broker, Janice, and her daughter; meanwhile, they prepared their horses for equestrian drill team practice at a large ranch in the nearby town of Montrose. We made small talk with them until the time came to leave. On the drive to the ranch, we discussed some of the basics of the team and its participants. The clock showed 5:15 p.m. when we pulled up next to the other trailers. We exited the truck and were immediately greeted by a kind voice calling out to us. We saw the voice coming from a friendly-looking, older woman slowly approaching us. Judah: Later, we would find out that all the riders in this drill team, except one, were over fifty years of age. This concurred with my preconception. Janice introduced her as Bertha, an old friend of her’s. Curious about our presence, she asked who we were…

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