The On The Global Hunger Essay examples

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Q2a) The three indicators used to create the Global Hunger Index are the proportion of people who are food-energy deficient, the relevance of underweight children under the age of five, and the under-five mortality rate. It ranks on 100-point scale, with 0 best score, and 100 being worst.

Q2b) The countries with the greatest hunger problems are the ones that are in the alarming stage and the extreme alarming stage, and they tend to be third world countries, that are developing still. Also, the fact they are poor and with the most debt and corruption.

Q3a) Successful agriculture depends on the interactions among a number of natural systems, which are climate system, soil system, topographic system, and biological system.

Q3b) The agricultural success relies on the interaction between 4 natural systems, and these depend on factors to keep them stable.
Climate system: Insufficient sunlight can limit growth / Insufficient precipitation can limit growth.
Soil system: Too little moisture leads to insufficient humus / Too much moisture leaches nutrients.
Topographic system: Land that is too hilly leads to serious erosion / Flat land with a high water table can become waterlogged.
Biological system: Helpful organisms improve farming / Destructive organisms damage farming.

Q4) There are herbicide-resistant crops that are so popular because farmers can now use certain herbicides to kill weeds, and at the same time their crops do not get affected or damaged by the use of…

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