Reflection Of Hunger In The United States

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Hunger in the United States is no laughing matter. People are constantly struggling and hurting themselves to put food on the table. It’s a parent 's job to put food in the bellies of their young growing children. But in today 's society it’s harder then what it looks like. Parents are having to pay bills that are forever increasing all while getting basic needs for their children and for themselves. The first family in a place at the table lives in a small town in Collbran Colorado. It’s about a girl named Rosie who on occasions doesn’t get too eat. It shows that not eating can affect the way kids learn in school. This is real good example of why feeding children is a must, because without eating and not focusing in school, those kids may …show more content…
This story was the one I related to the most. Because I have a cousin who is 7 or 8 and weighs 120 pounds. This showed that even families that have food stamps can’t always afford the healthier foods because of the prices. I like that it explained how fresh produce is more expensive because of the government and all of these junk foods are so cheap. It’s like the government promotes healthy eating but expects the people that are poor to be able to afford the prices of fruits and vegetables, yet they get mad and blame the parents for having obese children. It’s truly sad that that’s the way the us is right now. The New York Times piece was pretty interesting. It said that ninety percent of students don’t eat enough vegetables. When you see kids eat some vegetables you think ok that should be plenty of it. But by seeing that piece of statistics it makes you think wow almost every kid in the us doesn’t eat something that they should eat cups full everyday. Also it showed something in the article that was addressed in the film, and it was about how each school gets so much money and that after the trash and other needs, and that after that they get about a dollar per student for food. That is very sad to think

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