Essay about The Olympic Games Of Women

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The Olympic Games first began in 776 B.C. and continued to occur every four years for an estimated one thousand more years. Women were not able to compete in the games for many understandable reasons. Men competed in tough ways that were not beneficial for women. The Hera Games to honor another goddess were available. The culture in the time period is different than the culture is today. The Olympics started in Greece about 3,000 years ago and it is understandable for women not to compete because of the way men competed, the Hera Games, and the culture in Greece at the time. The way that men competed were inappropriate for women to witness. The clothing that the men wore were not appropriate for women to see them in. The men who competed wore no clothing at all. Only unmarried women could watch the games. It would have been a sin for the married girls to look at other naked men. Married women could have been tempted by the men and have "eyes full of adultery"(2 Peter 2:14). At the time it was better for the women to continue their work at home than to be deceitful to their husbands while at the games. The trainings that the men had to endure would have been very tough on the women.
Men that were in the Olympics had to swear on an oath that they were training. For the first 10 months of their training, men were required to train in their hometown. One month before the Olympics, the athletes would have to go away and train under a hallanodikai which is "the most…

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