The Old Testament: The Beginning Of The New Testament

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Almost like everything in life every single thing has a beginning followed with an ending. Just like human creation itself, a baby is born, it grows up, grows old, and later is followed by death and then hopefully eternal life. The Bible is a perfect example of a piece of literature that comes with a start from somewhere as well as followed by an end. The Bible as we know it comes with two parts: a New Testament and Old Testament, but we are going to focus in on the New Testament. How was it created or how was it formed? Who is responsible for writing it? We can prove through archaeology that what took place in the New Testament that it is indeed true and realistic. Although the New Testament is not as quite as long as the Old Testament, …show more content…
Matthew then begins to discuss of the birth of a child and then later goes into detail about the significance of that child. “Later on this man, Jesus, begins teaching the word, driving out evil spirits, preforming miracles, raising the dead and healing the sick. The book then closes with the dramatic death where he is executed by the Romans who saw Jesus as a threat to their ruling” (NTHL 7). “Most historians believe that the four Gospels were first published anonymously and that the names they now bear are labeled to the disciples that were closest to Jesus” (NTHL 20). The other books of the gospel go as followed with their own style of representation. This section of the Bible is filled with many promises that God promised that he would fulfill. The scriptures outline how we as Christians should live our lives. He also sends out his twelve disciples to go out and spread the word of the Lord. “He proclaims the power of love throughout the New Testament and teaches the way you should live your life” (NTHL 3). God also calls his followers to stay faithful and holy, but warns them that the journey would be filled with many difficulties and challenges along the way. Paul is responsible for writing a great portion of the New Testament by telling of his journeys that the Lord sent him on. He speaks of his visitations from God and also warns people of certain events to come in the future. He declares that the reward is

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