Essay on The Old Man Exposed His Age Speckled, Veiny Hands

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“That 's amazing,” I said as the old man exposed his age speckled, veiny hands to me.

“That 's nothing,” Brett smirked. “In case you haven 't noticed your burns from the restraints healed the moment I took them off. That 's almost instantly, kid.” By the time Brett had finished running me through all the different smells, I had my first lesson behind me. And as the night weathered on Brett continued to teach me as much as he possibly could. Most of it seemed glamorous and mystifying. And there were parts that I didn 't yet understand. Like why we don 't stick together in packs. So I questioned Brett with the argument of having strength in numbers.

“Look, kid, it ain 't that simple,” Brett protested, “We all have whatcha may call alpha type personalities. See, when it comes to Werewolves, even females can turn out to be alphas. The virus is just too unpredictable, and it effects people without prejudice to gender. So don 't go getting it in your head that just because your a male, that it somehow puts you on a dominate platform over a female. That 's a good way to get yourself killed. At the very least you 'll wind up getting your ass kicked. A lot of the females out there have the power and the skills to desecrate you.”

Finding himself off topic, Brett readjusted his focus. “Anyway where was I? Ah... So that 's why we don 't run together in packs like you see in the movies. We 're all just too aggressive in our wolfen state to stick together that way. Oh, it might be…

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