Modern Art Essay

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Modern art is complex, fluid, and constantly challenged when it comes to defining what makes it art. Modern art is made up of expressionism and Impressionism. It is comprised of Dada agricultural and industrial design as well as surrealism. Modern art can even be described as being site specific to a certain location or needing human interaction to be a finished piece. I define art as being anything an artist claims to be art, and I believe that anyone can call themselves an artist. An artist can claim anything they create to be art, however, that does not mean his peers and critics have to think its good art. The artwork will always be up to the interpretation of others, but if the creator defines it as his art, then it is art. I am attempting …show more content…
The article begins by siding that video games are not art because they can be won and have objectives you must accomplish to move on to what is next. In novels or movies, you cannot win, you can only experience. The article then takes a turn to define video games as being wrapped in a package of visuals, music and poetry. Mario 64 is compared to the Godfather, with the ability to explore everything at your own will adding to the games artistic attributes. The article combats the problem of winning and going to the next level as simple completing the games narrative, as you would also do when you understood a novel or movie. If you failed to understand a part of the story line, you would likely go back and watch or read it again until you did understand it. Video games give the same emotions and experiences any other art form does, according to The Atlantic. In Super Mario World, you will go back and replay levels just because the scenery is so beautiful and you will want to explore it once again. This article really confirmed how video games can be art for me, and especially the Mario Bros series. I had never thought of games like the Mario series as art before writing this paper, but I don’t think I will ever play it again without thinking of its true creative

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