The Old Man And The Sea Essay example

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“He took all his pain and what was left of his strength and his long gone pride and put it against the fish’s agony […then] the fish was silvery and still and floated with the waves” (Hemingway 93, 94). The Old Man and the Sea was one of the last books written and published by Ernest Hemingway before he died. Many fans of the book wonder where Hemingway got his inspiration to write the story, and some believe it is based on his own life. The story is about an elderly, lonely, fisherman named Santiago who has not been successful lately, but goes above and beyond to prove he is still a great, skilled fisherman. Santiago and Hemingway’s life situations have certain resemblances, such as how they are both old and lonely, both working to accomplish something to prove themselves, and they have the similar lifestyles of a code hero. Hemingway could very well be telling the story of his life as the old man and the world through his novella The Old Man and the Sea. In the novella The Old Man and the Sea, Hemingway creates the character of Santiago as a reflection of his own life.
As the end of their lives grow closer, both Ernest Hemingway and Santiago are growing older and experiencing loneliness. Hemingway has been through many divorces, showing that it is hard for him to stay in any type of loving relationship and ends up being alone. He is married four times, divorced three times, and after a split he is married again within the next few months. Other Hemingway pieces…

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