Essay about The Old Industrial District

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Hange drove the two of them down town and into the old industrial district. There were abandoned buildings and factories that had been replaced years ago in a more accessable part of town and built up to code. Sachi made sure that the doors were locked as they drove. This had become a shady part of town, avoided by most during the day and night especially. She hoped that Hange wasn 't going to get them both killed.

Visions of possible ways that they were going to get murdured and possible head lines ran through her head until they suddenly came to a stop.

"Here we are~!" Hange announced happily and hopped out of the car. Sachi got out more slowlly, clutching her handbag tightly to her chest. She eyed the building they had parked in front of warily. It was painted black, but had some playing card decals along the walls, leading up to the door. A neon sign flashed in blue and read in italics, "Wonderland".

Sachi flinched as Hange took her hand and led her to the door.

"A-are you sure we 're not about to get k-kidnapped or something?" she squeaked.

Hange ignored her question and watched as a small slot in the door opened.

"Key?" a male voice demanded. Hange took the little leather pouch from her purse and handed it to the man. He took it through the slot and examined the contents. He confirmed its authentisity and gave it back to her.

The slot closed and the door opened to reveal a tall, toned and blonde man wearing a tight white blazer and pants. He also sported a pair…

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