The Ocean Is The Most Obvious Feature Of The Earth 's Surface

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The ocean is the most obvious feature of the earth 's surface. About seventy percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water. Beneath this water are the familiar sands of the beaches we visit during the summer months, however further offshore this water covers an amazing submarine landscape of underwater trenches, mountains, and plains. This differs from the continents, mainly because they are physically separated from one another, whereas the oceans are continuously interconnected. The ocean is one of the most beautiful yet destructive forces man will ever know, each and every wave that breaks releases energy causing a chemical reaction. Additionally, there are several factors involved in the classification of the ocean and all of its sediments which are all uniquely created by scientific phenomenon.
Since the world ocean is continuous, it has similar characteristics throughout, however before the 1870s in everyone’s mind the ocean was a vast wasteland, in many way it can be considered the same today but we have come a significant way. During the 1870s scientists collected seawater samples from the seas of the world from varying depths to see if the oceans were in fact similar in some way or another. When these samples were analyzed they were actually found to be quite similar, almost identical. This finding sparked great interest in the topic of oceanography which was up to this point in history largely unexplored and in other words unexplainable. Even in…

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